angry gran run 2 free-Angry Gran Run 2(Mod)

angry gran run 2 free-Angry Gran Run 2(Mod)

Version: 0.9.0

adout angry gran run 2 free-Angry Gran Run 2(Mod)

Version 0.9.0

introduction angry gran run 2 free-Angry Gran Run 2(Mod)

angry gran run 2 free Angry Gran is back with its second edition. Rush as fast as you can through the whacky city. Bus rush and traffic dodge to get the highscore in this endless runner game. Escape from jail cell on the run from the police, use the hang glider, hop on the Pinata Rocket and blast your way to victory.
Angry Gran Run 2 includes 4 addictive environments. Starting in the Whacky City you’ll dodge Ice Creams, Giant Worm Trains and Poop Emojis. You’ll then move on to the super secret base and unlock the Robot Agent character EXO. Dash in the Subway tunnels and then visit beautiful India as you run through the streets.
Unlock amazing characters, such as the Sausage Runner or the Fish head man. There are more than 35 costumes to pick from, run as a footballer, as a hero granny or in a teddy bear onesie. Equipt unique pets like the bumble bee, snappy shark or panda run. Each pet gives you new abilities and helps you while you run. Get the Unicorn run pet to get more double score time, or become friends with the monkey to make the jetpack last longer.

Angry Gran Runner Features:
- 4 detailed HD locations to visit
- Collect all 20 Pets and see their unique benefits. Including the Tom Cat!
- More than 35 characters and costumes to unlock and customize.
- Collect all the Skateboards and Hoverboards
- Dodge Traffic as you become a Traffic Racer
- Play as the Russian Princess Runner or her Frozen Princess Sister
- Grind over Trains, Busses and Cars
- Upgrade your Power ups
- Complete Missions to level up
- Come back Daily for extra rewards
How To Play:
- Dodge the buses and obstacles by swiping left and right
- Double tap to activate the hoverboard and surf for extra protection
- Level up to increase your score multiplier
- Unlock Levels by collecting experience
- Get Experience by completing missions
- Gain Levels to unlock new areas and upgrades
- Different pets offer different abilities. Unlock more creatures to discover new effects
Angry Gran Run 2 continues the famous Angry Gran series with hundreds of millions of downloads. Experience the next chapter in this world famous endless running game.——Uploaded by the user

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Download Angry Gran Run 2(Mod) 0.9.0 MOD APK for Android, com.aceviral.agr2

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angry gran run 2 free Angry Gran Run 2(Mod)

  • Version:0.9.0 _ Size:94.9MB
  • Category:Action _ Publisher:Aceviral
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:07/03/2022
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